Cricket: Rules of the Game


Cricket is a sport that originated back in the early 16th century and has not lost its popularity since then. The pinnacle of the international game is the Other major competitions include the T20 World Cup, Test series and one-day matches. Each country has many domestic competitions that are highly competitive. With all this in mind, it is worthwhile to understand what cricket is, what its rules and features are. The rules under which cricket is played were developed by the famous Marylebone Cricket Club, which has been in existence since 1787. For many years, only this organization had the right to form the rules and manage their implementation. It is important to note that the club also upholds the spirit of the game, according to which there should be no inappropriate behavior of players or various types of foul play in cricket.

What a Cricket Pitch Looks Like

A pitch – a cricket field – is elliptical in shape and covered with grass. Although its length is not strictly defined, it is usually between 130 and 150 meters. In the center is a strip measuring 3.05×20.12 meters – this is called the “pitch”, and is the main area of the game where the action takes place. At both ends of the strip there are gates (wickets), i.e. three ledgers (posts, usually wooden) driven into the ground, on which two loose crossbars (beams) are placed. The field is divided into two parts by a line connecting the gates.

Teams and Placement of Players on the Cricket Pitch

Two teams of 11 players each take part in the game. They are divided into bowlers and batsmen. One of the players (the wicketkeeper) acts as a catcher.

During the toss, the task of the fielders is to catch the ball that bounced off the batsman so that he could not get another hit. The lead catcher, who is directly behind the batsman, plays an extremely important role. He intercepts the balls that do not bounce. The rest of the players should be in positions where they can catch the ball. The captain decides the formation of the team.

The batter uses a large flat bat. According to strategy, he bounces the ball on offense or defense. After the ball bounces, the player runs to get hurt. If the ball is knocked out of bounds, the team gets 6 wounds (when the ball does not touch the ground) or 4 wounds (when the ball goes out of bounds after bouncing off the ground). The captain decides the order of the batsmen.

Cricket Equipment

The game of cricket does not require a lot of equipment and accessories. The main equipment is, of course, a cricket bat, characterized by a long, flat surface (maximum 96.5×10.8 cm), and a cricket ball made of cork covered with white or red leather. Its diameter is 23 centimeters.

In terms of equipment, special spiked shoes will be required to ensure sufficient grip, long pants and a shirt (usually a polo shirt). Batters and catchers also wear the following equipment: 

  • face shields;
  • helmet; 
  • gloves. 

All this is done to provide protection from being hit by the ball. 

Cricket for children is usually played in junior sections. The rules are usually modified slightly to shorten the duration of the game. Shorter bats and lighter balls can also be found in the market.

The rules of cricket may seem complicated, but upon closer examination everything becomes clear. It is a very dynamic, interesting game that is definitely worth getting interested in.



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